Takeshi Nishimatsu Brand Free Software


feram is a fast molecular dynamics (MD) simulator for bulk and thin-film ferroelectrics and relaxors.


This program, compasses, searches maximum, minimum and saddle-point states of finite size dipole arrays (i.e. sets of compasses).


This program, loto, analyzes dipole-dipole interactions in the systems with periodic boundary conditions. 3-dimensional bulks, 2-dimensional films and 1-dimensional wires can be treated. loto can plot dispersion diagrams of optical phonons for the dipolar systems


xtalgrowth is an X application which simulate crystal growth of 2-dimensional hard spheres. If you execute xtalgrowth, a window opens, hard spheres fall from random positions, and they stacks at the bottom of the window.


isi is an ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format converter written in Ruby script language. You can use isi as a library, too.

feram, compasses and loto are written in Fortran. xtalgrowth is written in C with X11 libraries.


ulmul is a ultra light-weight markup language for generating HTML files.


Self introduction of Takeshi Nishimatsu.

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